Good friend and artist Justin Karas is now collaborating with Dog-E-Dog to produce a series of comics exploring the exquisite lives of modern dogs in the urban sprawl of Dogtown USA. This project has gone from conception to execution in about 1 week's time. So we're as surprised by this as you may be...But for entertainment and awareness' sake, we're doing it!

Sooo, if you missed our world premier yesterday on Instagram , we have a unique handle just for these images and it's @dogtowntimes plus we'll be posting them on our regular @dogedog gallery too.

Dogtown Times will  start covering true stories from the Dog-E-Dog pack, featuring real pets from our roster. Soo if you are a client with a great story or a NEED to have a hilarious "dramatic re-enactment" illustrated this can be commissioned and published for pop-art prices! Just let us know...

All feedback is encouraged! Thanks y'all, hope you enjoy!